LifePO4 Lithium Battery Pack

LifePO4 Lithium Battery Pack

Premium Quality with Complete Protection:  rechargeable prismatic cell, LiFePO4 with Daly BMS, utilizes the most advanced high-end chemistry and safety measures. Our dry battery is 70% lighter than its lead-acid/AGM battery counterparts and has a significantly higher capacity and performance..

Features: These Batteries are rechargeable, long-lasting, fast-charging, ultra-lightweight, highly efficient, and easy to install. The 16S-32S and 100-500Ah Daly BMS with preset Low-Temperature Cut Off allows batteries to be wired in Parallel or Series, suitable for an enormous variety of uses such as RV,  Solar,  and Marine.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:
Built with LiFePO4 cells engineered to deliver superior performance, it is an excellent drop-in replacement for AGM & Lead Acid batteries and lasts 8 to 10 times longer. Take confidence in our quality batteries.

awesome feature

LifePO4 battery has compact design, LCD screen, convenient setting buttons, Bluetooth monitor on you smartphones, and cable & accessories ready for installation. these High performance Solar Batteries widely used in Solar System for residential and commercial use. with more than 3000 times deep cycle, up to 90% DOD.

High Performance
Smart BMS, Bluetooth and WiFi communication
3000+ Cycles