Solar Carport Solution

Solar Carport

At SuryaKiran , our revolutionary and bespoke carport solutions give you all the benefits of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy, in addition to generating electricity on your premises and reducing electricity bill.

A solar carport also encourages other sustainable initiatives, including giving employees the option to connect charging points for electric cars in alignment with the growing electric vehicle (EV) market.

Solar carports are ground-mounted canopy constructions that stretch out over your car parking spaces. The canopy roof area is slightly tilted – offers a perfect platform for solar panels to be seamlessly mounted, which also adds to the aesthetics of the structure.

The tilted roof is not only beneficial for optimising the angle of the solar panels for energy generation, but it also offers natural drainage for rainwater which is then collected by guttering and channelled away. Electricity generated by the carports’ solar panels is immediately available to be used onsite.