Key Features:
• Maximum Power Point Tracking
• PWM based Pure Sine wave
• High Surge handling Capacity
• DC Polarity Reverse Protection
• Environment friendly
• Inverter Sleep Mode Function
• Real Time Short circuit Protection
• Very Less Transfer Time
• Four step Auto Voltage Regulator
• Provision for Emergency Backup
• User Friendly LCD Display
• RS232/Ethernet Interface
Solar Power Pack / Solar Roof-Top System
Solar Street Loght

An off-grid photovoltaic (PV) solution is power supply system which is not connected to the main network. These system can serve multiple user. Which are referred to as mini grid, or single users too. Electricity generated by the off-grid system directly consumed and is not fed into main electricity grid. Off-grid system comprise a battery backup which store energy for use when the sun is not shining and PV generator is not producing.

Off-grid system are perfect for areas without direct access to the public electricity grid. Often, costs to expend the public the public grid at a particular site are uneconomical and constrained by limited infrastructure. Here an off-grid system is a much simpler and more affordable solution to generate electricity, especially in developing countries and remote location.

Available capacity of power pack ranges from 0.5 kw to 100 kw or above. Generator sets can ne substituted by power pack system which saves the diesel cost, nullifies the smoke as well as the noise pollution.


• Stable and adequate supply of electricity as the system makes.
• Optimal use of all available energy resources
• Suitable for inaccessible, off-grid location and villages
• Reduces cost of operations and maintenance of generator set
• Reduces reliance on fossil flues, leading to a cleaner and healthier energy
• Uninterrupted power supply.