Key Features:
• Safe & Easy To Use
• Available in Different Configurations
• Elegant And Efficient Luminaries
• Provision for Operating Extra Loads
• Advance Change Controllers
• Longer Battery Life Ensured
• Adequate Protection and Indications
• Free From Noise, Smoke and Pollutions

Solar Home Lighting System
Solar Street Loght

The Solar LED Home Lighting System manufactured by Surya Kiran Solar Power is successful integration of solar photovoltaic's and the LED technology. These LED lamps give higher brightness at vary low power consumption and as a result LED based Solar LED home Light System require very small panels and batteries as compared to the conventional system. The LEDs used in the luminary has a life of more than 50,000 hours which avoids the costly lamps replacement for several years.

Solar LED home lighting system harnesses power of the Sun to provide reliable, cost effective electricity wherever it is needed. This solar home lighting system supply electricity for lighting entertainments to home that are not connected to grid or have power cut problems.


• Easy installation, operation, and maintenance.
• Saves money used to buy kerosene.
• Light up up to 3 rooms
• Multipurpose usage - lighting and charging mobile phone etc.
• Lights last for long hours, helping meet daily household lighting requirements.
• Reliable as solar energy is free and abundant. No more blackouts.
• Environment friendly, zero emissions, and no smoke, fumes, soot, etc.